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Easy to use software based video calibration, measurement and monitoring tools

Waveform Monitor – Vectorscope – RGB Parade – YUV Parade – Histogram – Audio Spectragram, Waveform, Phase, VU, PPM Scopes

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MultiScopeCompact Features and Specifications – Now with Ethernet Camera Support**
  • software waveform monitor, Software RGB parade
  • software vectorscope , with I\Q and flesh tone marker, saturation gain
  • range of software audio measurement scopes
  • all scopes are plug-in based, choose your system configuration
  • scope scale selection in IRE, Percent and in RGB
  • supports a variety of PCI card, Ethernet and USB video sources
  • processes SD and HD input video resolutions from 480 to 1080
  • calibrated BT.601 and BT.709 SD and HD YUV color spaces
  • software based Histogram, RGB parade, audio scopes
  • software RGB parade scope – trio, blend and luma modes
  • new audio modules: PPM, VU, Spec A, waveform and phasor
  • accepts Ethernet based cameras running RTSP over TCP
  • accepts Firewire 1394 A/B and new Thunderbolt interfaces
  • accepts HDMI 1.3 uncompressed video streams in SD and HD
  • 16:9 and 4:3 professional integrated video monitor
  • adaptable render performance levels, using our proprietary PSE

**Ethernet and card based hosting units are separate applications, but will support all plugins.

Compatible Interfaces and Video Sources – Now THUNDERBOLT Compatible
  • BlackMagic Design: Decklink – Intensity, Shuttle, Thunderbolt
  • AJA: Kona LHe,LHi
  • Grass Valley: Canopus and Pegasus
  • Viewcast: Osprey series
  • many other USB and Ethernet* based cameras
  • Hauppauge
  • AverMedia
  • Sensoray
  • LogiTech
  • Microsoft and more…
  • HDMI, SDI, Thunderbolt
  • Firewire A/B
  • Component YPrPb
  • Composite
  • S-Video

*Note: Ethernet version of MultiScopeCompact does not support audio at this time. RTSP protocol only. 10/100mbps cameras. Does not support GigE cameras at this time.

MultiScopeCompact Product Overview – System and Plugins

As with our MultiScopeLite video product, MultiScopeCompact takes it to the next level in performance and features for our software based waveform monitors and software based vectorscopes, yielding a higher benefit to cost tradeoff. Our Compact version extends the funtionality of the Lite product by improving the video scope family and by adding enhanced synchronized stereo audio support for real-time audio interleaved video streams.

Another big plus for MultiScopeCompact is that it can be configured for your specific operational environment. We have re-designed the video system using a plugin model making your special video configuration fast and easy. Just (make link here) purchase the audio or video modules you need for your video application: plug ’em in, configure ’em and run ’em. A custom configuration formula that guarantees saving you money, by simply to not having to pay extra for capability you will never use in an all-in-one product solution.

The various A/V plugins we offer are easily installed and activated into a single host unit that already includes a high resolution video monitor, a builtin PPM indicator, scope control functionality, plugin install features and a diagnostics panel.

(introductory video coming….HERE)

There is plugin real estate in the host interface unit for up to two scopes, be it video or audio, all of which will run simultaneously and in real-time. Each scope can be placed into any one or more vacant spots within the host unit if you wish. Being an efficient multi-threaded application, the scopes can run at higher performance levels than our Lite version. That is, faster refresh and not sacrificing any higher presentation detail of the video signal being processed.

More Hosting Unit Information

MSCompact hosting unit banner

More AV Scope Plugin Information

MSCompact plugin s banner

Minimum System Configuration

MultiScopeCompact supports Windows 64 bit operating systems only, specifically Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 with the latest service packs.

  • Windows 7 and 8 based computer platforms. Windows 10 installs are unstable.
  • MultiCore – 3GHz or better
  • 8GB RAM
  • an LCD video screen that can display 1280×720 and up


Get our free USERS GUIDE v1.0.2 TBD update – Learn what MultiScopeCompact can do.

Download the latest revision of our free MultiScopeCompact USER GUIDE. Learn more details about its operational setup, plugin setup, install procedure, registration and technical information such as the colour space equations used for your reference.

See Section 2.3 on how to clear the install registry to ensure error free fresh installs.

Software Revision History and Development News

May 2016
1 – MultiScopeCompact: Looking at Linux and MAC version for Ethernet camera operation
2 – Investigating GigE network cameras support
3 – Video SDK update to include new plugin modules in the works

May 2016
1 – Full Release version of software now available
2 – Trial version v1.1.0. now released
3 – Ethernet camera interface is now available – RTSP support only

April 2015
1 – Full Release version of software now available
2 – Trial version v1.0.0.2 now released
3 – Ethernet camera interface issues being resolved
4 – Update User Guide Release v1.0.2 – added how to register software

Mar 2015 v1.0.0.1
1 – Trial Software Release – No IP camera support
2 – First full draft of Users Guide now available
3 – First version full release April 15th, 2015 or before

Oct 2014 v0.0.0.1
1 – alpha development, Trial version release, Feb 2015
2 – audio module research

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