Easy to use software based tool for measurement and analysis of graphic images

Software Waveform Monitor - Vectorscope - RGB Parade - YCrCb Parade - Histogram
3D Histo-Waveform Monitor - 3D Histo-Vectorscope - 3D Histo-RGB/YCrCb Parade - Gamut Cube - RGB Cube Scopes
Explore the finer details of an images' content using these analysis tools by Rumblehouse Media. Drill down to what defines the image under test.

Download this application software for free while we have it up.

Download FREE MultiScope Compact Graphics version HERE

Reminder IMPORTANT -- After download and install, PLEASE READ the following instructions to complete the installation.

  • Install the downloaded app on your computer.
  • When running the app for the first time, the hosting unit interface will show a pop up dialog and will ask for an unlock registration key.
  • It will also show a long registration code number in the same opening dialog. Send us that code by filling out the registration form shown below.
  • Upon receipt of this registration form we will send back a host unlock code and two additional codes for both the 2D and 3D plugin install.
  • Copy and paste the unlock code we have sent into the popup dialog edit box of the graphics app and click enter to save. The hosting unit is now enabled, ready for plugin install.
  • In the 'Device Controls' tab in the main interface there is a button labeled 'Get Plugins'. Enter in the plugin codes one at a time. When done, the app is ready to run
  • MSCompact Graphics Registration Form

    Be sure this email is true and accurate to ensure a successful installation.
    To complete your registration, install and run the app for the first time. A pop up dialog will appear with a registration code. Enter this code here. Then send this filled form by clicking on the 'Register' button below. We will send back an unlock code to insert in the applications opening popup dialog and save.
    For security verification, please enter any random two digit number. For example: 97
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