Download your forms here. You will need the High Definition Film Transfer Form and the Contact Information with Terms and Conditions form.

Please read carefully for details.

Your shipping documentation is made up of a contact sheet (w/ signed Term and Conditions) and HD Film order form – download from links below. Shipping labels from your local post office or courier like UPS or FedEx are created when the parcel is ready to ship at their location.

Fill in the HD Order Form with what you can or want done, along with your signature on the Terms and Conditions sheet. Fill in any additional information you feel will make your order a successful delivery. Use extra paper if need be. Please read all of the enclosed documents carefully to ensure an accurate description of your request is conveyed. Please write or check your selections clearly.

International orders will require a Commercial Invoice if you plan to use a bonded courier like FedEx or UPS (recommended). The local FedEx or UPS store can help you fill out these forms. It’s easy. Declare a value of less than $20 total for your shipment(s). Old film reels have no real monetary value in the eyes of the shipping services and in precedent. Liability is limited to media item replacement only – not content.

The formal Commercial Invoice requirement can be avoided if you use the postal service. If you plan to use the postal service please make sure you use an expedited level of service that provides insurance and a tracking number. International orders using the Postal Service is not really recommended. Tracking services if necessary to exercise are more difficult once your package crosses the border.


Please download the Terms And Conditions documents from links below to complete your shipping documentation.

Choose this form if you wish to transfer your films (8mm, Super 8 or 16mm with or without audio) to High Definition on Blu ray disk or to DVD in AVCHD and/or computer editable 4:2:2 YUV QT files. The transfer will be done in High Definition (1920×1080 or 1280×720 sizes) using our archival frame by frame telecine system. Costs can range from $0.28/ft to $0.49/ft depending on what you wish to have done. Audio encoded films add $0.10/ft for re-synchronization. Quicktime conversions available.

Blu ray copies are $19.95 per disk, DVD AVCHD are $9.95 per disk. Volume discounts will apply.

A hard drive is highly recommended if you wish to have the various HD files offered in selected HD transfer bundles — YUV QT video a bare 1TB SATA drive (min) is a must for about 1000ft of film. Please no USB packaged drives. At about 150GB per 400ft reel, choose your hard drive size accordingly. Account for an additional 3 times working space if the drive is to be part of your edit sessions vs just for archive.

This is a comprehensive option to choose. Please read carefully. See our HD Bundle page for lots of options. Call (613) 836-9683 or email if you need assistance


Contact Information with Terms and Conditions of Engagement
This document is very important to include in any shipment to us. It will have all of the necessary contact information and the terms of our contractual engagement. Please read the T&C part and sign your acknowledgement.

There are sections for return shipping choices and shipping dates. Please make your choices and wishes known. All shipments received will be inventoried and documented. An email acknowledging your shipment to us and a short summary of what you would like done will be sent to you for confirmation. Any changes must be indicated before work begins.

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