Waveform Monitor, Vectorscope, RGB Parade, Gamut Cube Software API Library

Out of gamut? – use Gamut cube. Where are your colors? Use our histo scopes.

Develop your own comprehensive video measurement, analysis, calibration or monitoring system in Classic 2D or 3D

Our 2D and 3D video scope API library includes a real time multi-function software Waveform Monitor, a software Vectorscope, a software Histogram function, a software RGB/YCrCb parade function, a software Gamut Cube, a software RGB Cube, a software Histo-Vector scope, a software Histo-Waveform Monitor scope, a software Histo YCrCb scope and a software Histo RGB Parade scope, plus three audio meters – audio PPM, 2ch oscilloscope and phase meter.

All scopes are supported in either ITU-R BT.601 SD or ITU-R BT.709 HD color spaces



RHMG 2D\3D Software Video Scope Function Library

Now you can easily develop and integrate a set of software based video processing tools into your next video engineering application ensuring your video levels, color balance, saturation, luminance distribution and gamut are where you want them to be.

These well recognized video test calibration and measurement instruments have been a real boon to our film to HD video imaging system development. Knowing the video properties of the converted film frames as they were captured live ensure that the final output YUV video files are well within specification for proper AVCHD, H.264, MP4 and MPEG-2 post production work. We are now making these video functions available to video system developers, broadcasting facilities and post production houses for color grading.

Our video API library offers functionality in both standard definition (SD using BT.601) and high definition (HD using BT.709) color spaces, it enables auto window scaling, it can do multiple instances of itself, engage auto sampling/decimating along with many other features. Our User Guide will have the details – see download link below.

The updated video SDK release now supports reading both file based uncompressed 24bit RGB bitmaps through byte arrays or buffering paradigms for real time operation using MEMSTREAM or byte arrays. Live real-time video capture and post processing is now possible depending on your application goals.

Audio Video Software Tools SDK – Waveform Monitor, Vectorscope, RGB Parade, Histogram API, RGB and gamut cube library

Now you can supply live image sequences in real-time from video cameras or re-call stored image sequences for your off-line post work.

Development Environment
Update – Nov 2018 – full set of 2D scopes, 3D scope and audio meters

Windows VB.NET, C#, C++ — (Mar 3, 2012) see update below for changes

System Requirements
Windows platform running XP Pro, Windows 7\8\10.
P4 2.8GHz or better, 2GB RAM
OpenGL supported graphics card, Release 1.0 or higher
DVD ROM player

Microsoft Visual Studio as IDE (2013 or better).

This Video Software Development Kit (SDK) comes with a series of library functions in standard DLL form and a Developer Users Guide to explain the details of use. The guide will contain information on the audio and video instruments along with sample code descriptions.

Update v3.0 2D v1.0 3D [Nov 15, 2018]
-improved 2D scope operation and GUI
-addition of 3x audio meters
-addition of 5x 3D video scopes in classic cube and histogram form
-updated developers guide. See link below for current *.pdf update.
Update [March 3, 2012]
Version 2 of this SDK has been revamped. It is underway and is built on our work done on the MultiScopeLite product. Issues relating to 64bit O/S compliance are fixed. The video scope DLL’s are now functional libraries and can be easily plugged in into the *.Net interface for use in C# and VB 32 bit and 64 bit developments. Released April 2012.

Users and Developers Guide [May 30, 2013] – no longer available. See link for updated guide below.

Important Note: There is no technical support for this product other than pre-sales consultation. It is expected when using any SDK in general the developer is already familiar with software development environments, the technical subject and coding principles. The included users and developers guide has all the information needed to yield a successful integration. These software tools are no different. Follow the examples, the sample code, the install and distribution suggestions in the developers guide.

OpenGL v1.0 or later is all that is needed. The video instrument software is coded in C# on Studio 2013. The test application and test images are available as a download if requested.

Download our Free SDK Developers Guide

Get the Video Library Developers Guide v3.0 here
I recommend downloading the MSCompact Users Guide as well for more detailed information regarding the video scopes and their properties.
Get the MSCompact Users Guide here
There are three software library bundle options offered for purchase…
First Option – Classic 2D and Audio Function Library Bundle – $69.95

2D Scope Library includes all of the classic 2D scopes and three of our audio meters, plus bonus RGB cube

  • Waveform monitor with chroma overlay
  • Vectorscope
  • RGB Parade with chroma overlay
  • YCrCb Parade
  • RGB Histogram
  • PPM audio meter
  • 2ch oscilloscope
  • Audio Phase meter
  • RGB cube – bonus

Second Option – Upgrade – Set of Full Color 3D Scope Gamut/Histo Scope Library – $99.95

3D Scope Bundle includes all of our 3D scopes, plus bonus RGB cube

  • Histo Waveform monitor
  • Histo Vectorscope
  • Histo YCrCb Parade
  • Histo RGB Parade
  • RGB color cube – bonus
  • 3D Gamut Cube (601 – 709)

Important Note: The 3D upgrade will only work when the 2D library is installed as well. It will not operate on its own.

Third Option – Function Library of all 14 Scopes – $149.95

Complete 14 A/V Scope Library Bundle



Software is available as downloads only – no shipping for these items
Payment is done using Paypal merchant services. There is no requirement to have an account with Paypal to make a purchase.

IMPORTANT: There is no refunds on any function library purchase.

Cost of function library is based on the choice of bundle

  • Complete 2D, 3D and Audio Bundle (all 14 scopes) – $149.95 (will run as a group)


  • 2D Bundle with audio meters – $69.95 (can run standalone and with 3D upgrade)


  • Upgrade to 3D from 2D bundle – $99.95 (cannot run on its own, must already have 2D library installed)

Clicking on the Paypal Buy Now buttons where shown, will bring you to the Paypal web site. On the left of the Paypal page, see the section that shows “Your Order Summary”. Check if this is correct. On the right, and see the regular Paypal Login section. There are two options. One, see a link in blue called “Don’t have a Paypal account?” If you do not have a Paypal account CLICK this link, it will take you to the payment page for regular but very secure credit card information. Two, if you have an account then just login and carry on with the prompts. When the transaction is complete, you will get an email from Paypal indicating that payment has been successful.

Important Note: Upon purchase of any of our API function libraries, you will get an email from me shortly after confirmation with a notification that your SDK package will be sent via regular email as an attachment. I will need your email address if different from the payment confirmation email address I received from Paypal. The install setup file will contain all necessary install code, sample code folder, all necessary DLL’s along with a license file. Follow the install process to extract the files and use the instructions as described in the Developers User Guide for your project.


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