Get an improved image from your imaging system with this Flat Field Software Utility

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Flat Field Correction Application

To get much improved imaging during a film transfer to video, there are several key factors to consider:

  1. the image sensor has to have more than adequate pixel density WRT the target film frame density
  2. the image sensor has to have large low noise pixels and a flat field edge to edge
  3. must have an even, consistent and controllable backlighting across the entire film frame
  4. must have manual white balance
  5. lens must have a coarse and fine focus adjustment
  6. must have a high magnification lens with a shallow DOF, a high MTF rating
  7. and a large aperture with good FOV latitude and a working F-Stop range

In many instance one or several of these “must haves” are ignored or compromised in some way, usually driven by costs, and thus at the expense of poorer than possible image quality. Of all of the must haves, the back-lighting issue is probably the biggest contributor to uneven lighting across a film frame. There are certain fixed lighting anomalies that could stand some help from software to correct and/or repair these lighting inconsistencies. Getting a well diffused light source that is really even across the whole film frame has its challenges.

Even though the utility is directly useful for us, it can be used in other applications like astronomy where long exposure times really bring out the imager inconsistencies.

We at RHMG have developed a Flat Field software utility to help in these an other imaging applications where image surface areas, or for that matter the optical path, have ‘bumps in the road’ to fix.

There is lots more information on the theory of flat field and use of this utility in the free downloadable User Guide. It will give a good heads up on that this program does.

Get your FREE Flat Field app download here. Read User Guide for install instructions.

Get your FREE FFC User Guide here.

The program is free to use. There is no support for this application, but if you any comments or suggestions please let me know.

You will need Windows Framework 2 installed on your computer in order for this software to work. Get Framework 2 here. If a greater Framework version is installed on your computer, this software will not work. If you are really interested in this application please email me at I will upgrade to Fw 3.5.

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