Move away from Bloated Windows and get Worry free Linux – a $99 conversion service

Fed up with Windows? — the incessant virus’s, the unsolicited ads, the embedded spyware logging your computer use and internet activity, the unwelcome and deeply engrained malware slowing down your once speedy computer and the unexpected system crashes right in the middle of your work. The list goes on and on – and it won’t stop in frequency and maliciousness.

Welcome to the Windows experience.

What is the solution?

See direct link from Zorin site for details

Get a more worry free and robust operating system like Linux to make your life simpler and hassle free. “But I want the Windows look and feel”? You ask. Linux now comes close to that working environment.

Though the graphical look and feel and operating mode similarities are a big plus, bigger pluses include a good degree of immunity to viruses and malware attacks and system crashes are very rare.

Linux also opens the door to a more robust degree of anonymity if you so choose.

Another advantage of Linux is you get free office productivity tools (forget $$$$ Cloud subscription services) among other free great apps similar to that of Windows depending on your interests. You could even run some of your favourite Windows programs within Linux if you wish.

Your internet browsing activities will also not be affected within Linux. You can still use Firefox or Chrome as usual without any
problems. Do all of your browsing as before.

Bottom line….

So what do you get for your $99 bucks? Isn’t linux free you say? Yes it is. The software itself is free (we will be using Zorin Linux, and assumes you will do all of the installation and configuration work yourself – good on ya. But save yourself the time and effort and let us do the grunt work for you for small fee. We will install, configure your working environment and provide you with a free system install disk for backup. In addition, we will provide a short one on one tutorial introducing you to your new desktop as part of your conversion package.

Linux has long been ‘Open Source’ and has a very robust reputation. The Linux environment comes with a huge community of support that pays quick attention to user feedback and responds with regular updates – all at no cost to you. You will always be up to date with Zorin Linux as you are notified of any app or system changes. No need to dramatically update your operating system, ever – learn your working environment once, not like Windows every time a new version comes out. This is a seamless and painless background operation. Productivity is the goal of the Linux environment.

The Zorin user interface is very Windows like. Though not as pretty as Windows it is still very highly functional, intuitive and fast.

If you wish, you can setup your own custom visual and functional look and feel that fits your working environment just like Windows.

In addition, you can easily find and run all your favourite apps from the desktop like Windows. The difference is you can run your apps skinny and fast without the annoying bug ridden and lumbering fat of Windows.

If you still want to use Windows for some reason as well as Zorin Linux on your computer, we can create a dual boot environment on your computer system invokes at boot up time. Just let us know before we install Zorin linux. We support both laptops or desktops.

Give us a call (613 836-9683) and ask for Scott if you are interested in our conversion service. We will upgrade laptops or desktops with a one or two day turnaround. Let’s talk.

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