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Rumble House Media Products and Services

Software Development – 2D\3D Animation – High Definition Pro Telecine – WordPress Web Sites

Windows to Linux conversion services – Pro Video Calibration and Test Software Tools

Real-time Color Cube Gamut scopes – Video Calibration and Measurement API Software

Video Software Products – Broadcast, Post Production
  • MultiScopeLite – Entry level video monitoring tool – Will discontinue Spring 2019
  • MultiScopeCompact V4.0.2 – Updated Pro video and audio monitoring tool
  • MultiScopeCompact V3 has been discontinued. Version V4 Now available
  • Now supporting video histogram scopes for WFM, Vectorscope color distribution
  • Adding color cube scopes for out of gamut detection and verification
  • High resolution integrated video monitor in 16:9 or 4:3 aspects
  • Supports many PCI, Ethernet and USB computer video interfaces
  • Processes a number of SD and HD video resolutions (480 to 1080)
  • Calibrated ITU-R BT.601 and ITU-R BT.709 color spaces
  • Supports display LCD resolutions of 1280×720 and better
  • Accepts HDMI and SDI uncompressed SD and HD real-time video streams
  • Supports Firewire, Thunderbolt, HDMI, SDI, composite, S-video, component
  • Accepts BlackMagic, AJA, Microsoft, Hauppauge, Avermedia, Grass Valley…

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Graphics Software Products – Post, Photography, Engineering
  • Still motion version of MSCompact with same user controls and scopes
  • Image analysis – color space, Full RGB
  • Uncompressed Bitmap file input only at this time
  • Image resolutions to 4kx4k in full 24bit color (8bit)
  • Any image aspect ratios
  • Image data analyzed using recognized graphic analysis display tools
  • Simple user interface – w/key property adjustments
  • Color cube adjustment using pan-zoom and rotational controls in real-time
MSCompact graphics platform coming soon - inquire
Irondust Studio – Advertizing, Greenlight Gaming Development
  • Build any character any scene any background, quickly at low cost
  • Accurate facial expressions and fluid natural body movements
  • Excellent lip sync, High rendering quality
  • DAZ Studio, Reallusion and Autodesk 3D Studio Max tools
  • Professional voiceovers, sound effects and scripting
  • High quality musical scores
  • Dynamic character morphing
  • Thousands of pre-built assets for fast turnaround and low cost
  • Create 3D realistic, 2D, toon style, anime – many shaders
  • Many particle and special effects available – smoke, fire, mist…
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RHMG Software Development – Engineering, Scientific
  • Custom digital video applications
  • Imaging application development – Lumenera Cameras
  • Custom hardware interfacing
  • Testbed application development, protoyping
  • Network application software – wireless, hard wired
  • Custom telecine imaging and processing systems
  • Digital Audio
  • Signal analysis applications
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Clean, Elegant WordPress for Business
  • Fully responsive for easy mobile browsing
  • Offer many themes and color schemes
  • Custom and comprehensive functionality
  • Full graphics workup included for entire site
  • Content development – SEO weighted articles, blog entries
  • Video, animation, whiteboard services
  • Search Engine Optimization on/off page services
  • Speciality forms, E-commerce capability
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Professional HD Film Transfers
  • 2 Megapixel uncompressed image capture
  • Frame by frame imaging
  • Quicktime YUV 4:2:2 files to DIY hard drive
  • scene by scene colour/density correction available
  • optional pro de-grain services. Cleans dust and light scratches
  • Blu ray, AVCHD or film masters to SATA hard drives
  • edge to edge film frame capture
  • Guaranteed no flicker
  • See HomeDVD.ca for Consumer and Professional video tape transfers
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Windows to Linux Conversion Services – Just $99
  • Based on Ubunto – Rock solid performance
  • Can create a Windows look and feel
  • Runs Windows programs through VINE or PlayonLinux utility
  • Can create a double boot system with Windows and Linux selections
  • Immunity to Windows viruses and malware – big time
  • Hardened Firefox browser
  • Constant FREE updates supported by huge open source community
  • FREE apps. File compatibility: doc, xls, mp4, jpg, AVI and a whole lot more.
  • We install and configure for you, plus provide a FREE system backup DVD
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